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In need of indulging this weekend? Though vegan eateries are popping up in nearly every corner of London, it can be more challenging to find one that leaves you feeling like you’ve just had a full on carb fueled blow out. Whilst we love buddha bowls, avocado and mushroom burgers, sometimes you just want pizza. Another challenge we know all too well, is finding a really good Italian dish. Many restaurants can serve up a nice spaghetti with a garlicky tomato sauce or remove the cheese for you, but you often have the trouble of the spaghetti being made with egg or just being left with salad, oil and a side of bread. Yet Dalston has provided us with an answer – out of our pizza/carb/pasta despair comes Fed By Water.

The concept restaurant offers vegan Italian cuisine, yet with health and sustainability as its core. Fed by Water believes in an alkaline Mediterranean diet, focusing on using pure water, without impurities such as chlorine and limescale, to nourish our food and therefore us. They also take pride in quality ingredients, that are sourced locally where possible, using methods that respect the earth. So whilst you can get your carb fix, you can also feel really, really good about it.

The menu offers everything you’d hope for from an Italian restaurant, garlic bread (obviously), the classic carbanara made with smoked tofu and a serious selection of pizzas and calzones using a rich cashew cheese. Yet the selection also features the type of dishes you’d expect from a vegan restaurant with a health conscience – raw sun-dried tomato crackers with a herb sauce, raw courgetti with fresh homemade pestos including thyme and walnut, raw veggie balls and pizza bases made from hemp seed or activated-charcoal. Plus, Fed by Water doesn’t just cater for vegans – there’s a quinoa and corn spaghetti and penne options, which was some of the best gluten free spaghetti we’ve ever had. Dessert is just as indulgent, with lavish offerings of chocolate mousse, coffee tart and the cheekily named Tiramisex, and without forgetting raw food fans, there’s raw cheese cake and carrot cake, which both look worth trying.

The drinks menu provides an endless offering of freshly pressed juices, bubbly soft drinks, smoothies, virgin cocktails and an array of the more hard hitting stuff, including beers, wines and classics drinks, as well as their own specials such as the Fed Spritz.

What we love so much about Fed by Water is you can go for a night of healthy yet satisfying eating, or a night of classic Italian indulgence – in our opinion, this vegan restaurant really provides a glimpse of la dolce vita.

For bookings, menus or just to find out more, visit the Fed by Water website.

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